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SCX2 Standalone Solar Tracker Controller

The standalone solar tracker controller SCX2 is based on the CX2™ hardware platform, and packaged with a set of software modules to make it a complete solar tracker controller. It may operate in a field of other SCX2 managed trackers; however, each unit will operate autonomously.

Lauritzen’s controllers calculate the sun’s position using the current longitude, latitude, and time of day, and position the tracking solar PV system to face the sun directly. SCX2 can automatically detect storm conditions and safely park the solar tracker, keeping the system safe. The SCX2 controller can be monitored through an integrated local server, Lauritzen’s online Valhalla server, or with the Heimdal app for iOS or Android.

See the the datasheet for more details.


  • Supports dual-axis, up to two single-axis, roll-and-tilt, or dual-axis synchronous trackers.
  • Calculates solar position using an NREL solar position algorithm instead of relying on irradiance sensors.
  • Can issue commands to assume Stow, Storm or Clean positions.
  • Extensive fault handling and recovery in case of electro-mechanical failure.
  • Basic local tracker control can be done with on-board buttons.
  • Management of remote software updates, parameters for motor operation, and range limits.
  • Monitoring of operational details and fault analysis.
  • Automatic storm detection.
  • Integrated support for initialization and remote worldwide control and monitoring with Valhalla central server.
  • Integrated local webserver with access to controller parameters and status.
  • Remote control via our Heimdal app.

Optional Features

  • Monitoring of solar energy production, solar irradiation, and temperature.
  • 24V DC power supply.
  • IP66 Nema-4x Fiberglass enclosure.
  • Connection to external precision inclinometer for elevation control.