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PVTRK2 Field Slave Solar Tracker Controller

The networked field slave controller PVTRK2 is based on the CX2™ hardware platform, and is intended to is intended to be part of a larger solar tracking array, controlled by the FXCX2™ Supervisory Controller. All control and monitoring information is relayed through the FXCX2 controller.

See the the datasheet for more details.


  • Fully managed by the FXCX2 Controller.
  • Supports dual-axis, up to two single-axis, roll-and-tilt, or dual-axis synchronous trackers.
  • Calculates solar position using an NREL solar position algorithm instead of relying on irradiance sensors.
  • Can issue commands to assume Stow, Storm or Clean positions.
  • Extensive fault handling and recovery in case of electro-mechanical failure.
  • Basic local tracker control can be done with on-board buttons.

Optional Features

  • Monitoring of solar energy production, solar irradiation, and temperature.
  • 24V DC power supply.
  • IP66 Nema-4x Fiberglass enclosure.
  • Connection to external precision inclinometer for elevation control.