Retrofit for SolFocus Trackers


SolFocus, which manufactured Concentrated Photovoltaic Trackers, managed to deploy 16MW of their technology (about 2000 trackers) before closing their business in late 2013. When SolFocus started in 2006, our product was not mature, nor had a proven track record. Never the less, Lauritzen solar tracker controllers were on several occasions considered by SolFocus for use on the trackers. Since 2006 the CX2 controller and related software versions have been proven to provide a reliable solar tracker control system. The CX2 hardware features have been matched against a SolFocus tracker requirement by a former SolFocus principle, and we are ready to help you revive your SolFocus investment. If you are a SolFocus solar tracker owner, please contact us to discuss how we can help you maintain your investment.