Retrofit for Deger Trackers


We have over the years received calls from Deger solar tracker owners with complaints about premature linear actuator failure and faulty solar tracking. All of the calls have come from regions where extreme weather conditions exist. While a solar tracker controller cannot always prevent premature mechanical failure, there are many features in the SCX2 solar tracker control system which have been designed to ameliorate mechanical failure. For instance, during our extensive research of trackers in harsh weather conditions, it has been determined that, while technically and mechanically possible, a solar tracker could remain operational under certain wind conditions, a momentary operational pause would be preferred. Overcast, and reflection or shadowing, is another issue where optical positioning can predict wrong targeting. With calculated solar positioning, the SCX2 solar tracker controller always predicts spot-on. We’d love to hear from you if you are a Deger installer or owner and looking to upgrade or maintain your investment.