PVVFD for Solar-Powered Pumps

The PVVFD for solar pumps is composed of an industry-standard variable frequency controller (VFD) integrated with the SCX solar tracker controller, producing 3-phase AC power. The inverter uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to maximize the pump’s efficiency with the variable voltage of solar power.

A solar tracking system starts yielding significantly more power hours before a stationary system, and stops hours after. With Lauritzen’s PVVFD, your pump will be able to work longer and more efficiently than it would with a stationary PV system.

Given its many applications, different solar pumping setups will have a variety of power requirements. We have made a solar pumping calculator that can help provide an estimate of the power your solar pumping project may need.

percent power throughout day


  • Uses MPPT technology to enhance efficiency.
  • Integrated with SCX2.
  • Remote control via our Heimdal app for iOS and Android.
  • Can operate independently from the grid.
  • Power ranges from 5 to 15 kW.