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Watchdog™ Solar PV Monitoring

Using our remote control technology, we have created a compact and versatile Solar PV monitoring solution, Watchdog2™, for Kaco-USA. The Watchdog2 is capable of communicating with Kaco Solar PV inverters across an RS-485 bus, and stores the inverter data in a temporary buffer. The Watchdog2 is network ready, and a standard browser can be used to view instant and abbreviated Solar PV data. Similarly, the Lauritzen Heimdal™ app can be used to view inverter data. The Watchdog is designed to fit inside Kaco inverters, and is easily connected via a standard ribbon cable.

The Watchdog2 incorporates the following hardware features:

  • Capable of interfacing up to 3 Kaco inverters
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • Battery backup RTC, battery life > 20 years
  • 170 hours of detailed inverter data storage
  • Storage of abbreviated Solar PV data
  • Pulse input, can be used for anemometer or external pulse-energy meter
  • Temperature probe inputs for PV-module or Ambient temperature measurements
  • Spare RS-485 input for external energy meter
  • 4.75V to 5.5V supply, less than 1W power consumption
  • Extensive LED diagnostics
  • Push buttons for Reset, Server Contact and Input Scan

The Watchdog2 offers the following software features:

  • Integrated communication software to operate with Lauritzen Valhalla server which enables remote client management and communication
  • Integrated web server to display instant and abbreviated inverter data
  • Integrated mobile-client server to enable Lauritzen Heimdal app