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Valhalla Management of Remote Clients

Valhalla is a multi-threaded Solaris/Linux based server, typically situated at HQ, which functions as the contact point by field based clients. It uses a MySQL database, and provides client data, control and software management.

A high level of client-to-Valhalla data integrity is integral to the data packet design, in addition to communication encryption.

One of the biggest benefits of Valhalla is the ability to create user generated alerts, allowing up to the minute information to be reported when it is most relevant.

YouTube Video of Valhalla Server

Valhalla System Logs

Valhalla maintains a number of different logs for communication sessions. An Access log tracks all communication activity. Entries made into the Error log record communication exceptions and may result in an admin alert. At the client level, a session summary is maintained for admin diagnostics use.

Client Software Management System

Valhalla has an integrated management system to support any number of different client-hardware platforms, where each may operate different applications and software revisions. Software updates are either initiated by a system administrator or field technician. A robust transfer protocol is implemented such that even wireless transfers can be used.

Data Integrity

Comprehensive data packet integrity including origination, serialization, time stamp and CRC checksum from data creation to Valhalla/Database interface.

Event Handling

A uniform method of managing events from creation, through transfer, software applications and revisions to alert creation is an integrated part of Valhalla.

Server Diagnostic Access

A special server telnet diagnostic port is offered through which a real-time client/server communication session can be monitored. A system administrator may also use the same port to view internal server performance statistics.

Diagnostics & Remote Control

A remote operator can diagnose field equipment by placing a request with the Valhalla server for a diagnostic and remote control tunnel to be established during an upcoming client/server communication session. Once connected, the operator has direct access to the client’s internal diagnostic console. The diagnostics and remote control features are limited by the client software, but typically include views of input and output states, and may offer full client remote control.

Client Access to Server Functionality

A client may invoke authorized server based functions. An example of such functionality is communication testing, software availability, and admin call for assist.

Future Expansion Options

An intrinsic feature to Valhalla is the transparent support of prior and future client/server protocol revisions.