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About Lauritzen Inc.

Company History

Mr. Mogens Lauritzen established Lauritzen Inc. in 2006. Lauritzen Inc. is the successor to Lauritzen Engineering, founded in 1997. Lauritzen Engineering initially provided microprocessor design services to Silicon Valley technology companies. Starting in 2005, the firm changed focus and began developing products within the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy was a familiar territory to Mr. Lauritzen, who in 1977 led a high school student project that built a trough-based solar thermal collector.

Mission Statement

Our expertise is technology, and we have chosen our careers because we thrive on technology. Our passion is providing leading edge commercial hardware and software solutions with emphasis on remotely managed control systems.

What We Do

By using highly integrated microprocessors, coupled with internet technology, reliable remote control of many different types of energy systems can be realized.

We are currently shipping products that control anywhere from a single axis stand-alone tracker to a commercial field of multiple axis trackers. Our real time monitoring and reporting systems make certain that your systems are working at peak efficiency no matter what the operating conditions.

Core Values

We love what we do, and we care about our customers, vendors and the environment. We endeavor to source and manufacture all of our products locally to the maximum extent possible. We stand by our products, and will see to it that our mistakes are identified, repaired, and incorporated into a process so they will not reoccur. Honesty, accountability, reliability and integrity are our business principles.